President Message

 President's Message

With immense pleasure, I convey this message to the Web Site that Mahaweli National College of Education launches when she is proudly celebrating the ‘Silver Jubilee’ recalling her commitment, as a forerunner, to the development of teacher education in Sri Lanka. She has reached her goal by endowing the nation with several thousand competent teachers who are capable of shouldering the progress of their motherland in a globalized world. Mahaweli NCOE was one of the first six colleges established in 1985 for teacher education in Sri Lanka. It started in the premises where Uyanwatta Teacher Training College was formerly situated. At the inception, 184 teacher Trainees were admitted to following the Primary teacher training course. In 2000 English medium teacher training course was introduced which comprised English language, Western Music and Library and Information Studies. The Further changes were introduced in 2009 abolishing the LIS course and starting second national language courses in Sinhala and Tamil. Currently, Mahaweli is catering to 1000 internal residents and 400 interns who are posted at schools. The staff consists of 65 academic staff and – about 150 non- academic staff. The objective of all these teacher training courses to be achieved at the end of these years in to produce a quality teacher with the balanced personality who processes academic proficiency and teacher competencies. Opportunities available for co-curricular activities and various project, feedback is given in their work and action researchers to be conducted during the internship period. Immeasurably contribute to the successful completion of the course. Besides, the courses in Second National Language immensely support to enhance the communication skills needed for natural understanding and the interpersonal relationship among the members of deferent ethnic groups in the country. I warmly welcome both local and global commentary to this website to share partnership with our institution in the process of enhancing the quality of teacher education of our education system for a better future. I sincerely thank the teacher educators and teacher trainees of Mahaweli NCOE who took the initiative and tremendous pains to launch this Web Site. I firmly believe that MNCOE will maintain a higher position in the task of producing quality teachers who are ready to be committed to building a dynamic nation. 
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