AIESEC in University of Colombo, Sri Lanka


We, at AIESEC in the University of Colombo, Sri Lanka, take pride in inviting Mahaweli National College of Education, Sri Lanka to join with us as a delegation partner for “Insight 2020” the Corporate Forum organised by University of Colombo. 

For the first time in history the event will be held virtually on 6th, 8th, 10th and 12th of July 2020 with an expected participation of 800+ delegates hosted by reputed corporate personalities. 

In line with the forum, we have taken the initiative to implement a Youth Speak Challenge named, “Voice the Change” happening in both English and Sinhala medium, throughout the month of June, to take the message of “Insight 2020” across a larger audience. It will be a platform for youth to express and share their ideas on pressing issues prevailing in the present community, by using social media as an effective tool of dissemination of knowledge. 

We believe that the topics of discussion would be a success determining factor for the above mentioned event, “Insight 2020” and the challenge, “Voice the Change” . Thus, the topics need to be narrowed down clearly in relation to the interests of the majority of Youth in Sri Lanka and around the world. 

Consulting the above mentioned issue the Organising Committee had decided to circulate a short survey to decide the topics of interest, on both English and Sinhala mediums, which requires the input of a range of Young people from the age of 15 - 30 from around the world.

We are interested to welcome the students of Mahaweli National College of Education, Sri Lanka  on board and to give us their support by initially taking part in the survey followed by the speak up challenge - “Voice the Change” and finally the event - “Insight 2020”, where they will eventually receive an e-certificate signed by AIESEC in University of Colombo, Sri Lanka. 

Attached herewith is the link of AIESEC in Sri Lanka webpage, for more information on our organisation anda youtube link as reference to view the former “Insight” event held during the month of January organised in the physical platform.

AIESEC in Sri Lanka webpage -

Link past Insight event -

We will be sending the Proposal for the Delegation Partnership for the forum “Insight 2020” and the  detailed guidelines for the speak up challenge - “Voice the Change” within this week. 

As of now, your students can take part in the survey that is being circulated in order to decide the topics that will be discussed in the future. The survey can be accessed by the below links.






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